About Us

Pulsar Properties


Pulsar Properties was founded in 2002 by a group of professionals who knew the logistic real estate sector since the 90s.

Since then, Pulsar Properties and its subsidiaries have dedicated themselves to developing specialized land, carrying out industrial, logistic and intermodal platforms of great size and quality.


Deepening in the changes of the organizational and business model that was taking place at the time in other European countries towards the Integral Logistics, they saw in Spain and specifically in the center, the ideal location to develop logistics platforms adapted to the needs of those logistics operators that began to emerge as industrial companies began to outsource the shipment of their products.


The design and construction of these new logistic platforms has contribute to the continuous improvement and evolution in the logistics area of ​​both operators and national and international industrial companies, and has helped to create thousands of jobs in developed areas.

Our management is carried out through Euroges Management Advisory, who is an expert in the logistics properties due to the almost 25 years that its team has been in the market. Together with them, we develop and market these platforms from the purchase of the land itself, to its turnkey delivery.

Our alliances and partners at a national and international level, and the mutual trust forged through all these years has allowed us to carry out large transformation and volume operations.